Your payment data is reliably protected against unauthorised access on our secure server. All data that you make available to us in the course of placing an order is transmitted in encrypted form. This applies in particular to credit card information. We use the coding system SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for this.
Methods of payment offers a number of different methods of payment. You can pay with your preferred credit card (VISA, Mastercard or American Express), or using the payment services PayPal® or Amazon Payments.

Credit card

We accept the following credit cards: VISA or Mastercard. If you wish to pay by credit card, please enter the credit card number, the 3-digit card validation code, the valid until date and your name when ordering. The card validation code can be found on the rear of the card (on the signature field). An order is possible only if the holder of the credit card and the purchaser of the goods are identical. Since we do not store your credit card data, it is necessary to enter your credit card data in our shop each time with each order.

PayPal ®

PayPal is an online payment service with which you can pay safely, simply and quickly and the PayPal account does not cost you anything at all.
Your bank account or credit card data are stored only at PayPal. Therefore they are not sent over the Internet again with each online purchase that makes PayPal payments particularly safe. In addition, you pay very simply with just two clicks, because you make use of your bank account or credit card data held by PayPal instead of entering them again every time you make a purchase. On top of that your goods generally arrive earlier, because PayPal payments are received quicker. The vendor can send the goods immediately and you generally receive them faster.
Open a free PayPal account and link it to your bank account or your credit card then your next purchase from us will be even simpler.
Further information about PayPal can be found at

Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments allows you to use your in saved payment information to pay in our online-shop. With the Amazon Payments account you can shop safely on our Website without revealing your payment information. If you order via Amazon Payments there is no additional cost. Orders via Amazon Payments are very easy. Amazon already created an Amazon Payments account if you already have an account. It is activated on your first order with Amazon Payments. This account is connected to your customer account and you can pay with the deposited payment method – either direct debit or credit card right away. If you place an order in our Shop, you will get redirected to the Amazon website during the order process where you can login and complete your order. Amazon Payments does not transmit the payment information deposited in your customer account to us nor do you have to when ordering. In addition Amazon Payments provides the same reliable payment- and security warranty as