Is: a French word meaning accessories. These include, for example, handbags, shoes, hats, jewellery, scarves, gloves and belts.
Can: visually improve every outfit


Black Tie
Is: a dress code that says: it is a formal occasion. The correct clothes are the black or dark blue dinner jacket with white shirt, white dress handkerchief and black bow tie. Plain black low shoes with a thin leather sole should be worn.
Can: be worn on particularly formal occasions, to the opera or to theatre premieres.

Wird meist zu besonders festlichen Anlässen, in der Oper oder zu Theaterpremieren getragen.

Is: an article of clothing tailored like a shirt and worn by women. There are blouses with long, medium and short sleeves or without sleeves. In times gone by it was considered to be the status symbol of the elegant woman.
Can: be worn casually open as a shirt-blouse over a t-shirt. The chequered variant of the blouse, flirtatiously knotted together at the front, makes for a casual girly leisure look. Buttoned to the top with a blazer it has a respectable, but feminine look.

Boat neckline
Is: an oval neckline that leaves the shoulders bare at the top and gathers at the shoulder bones.
Can: form a beautiful décolleté when worn by women.

Bow tie
Is: a classic in men´s formal wear. The bow tie is more formal than the tie. It is a must with a dinner jacket or tailcoat.
Can: be worn on some occasions only by the waiter.
Business look
Is: a rather more conservative standard business chic. Men wear a dark suit with shirt and tie. Women wear a trouser suit or coat and skirt.
Can: be considered the dress code in large companies, for example, in banks.

Button-Down Collar
Is: a sporty, soft button collar without stiffeners. The wings of the collar are buttoned to the shirt. This type of collar is not generally worn with a suit or double-breasted jacket and is intended for a leisure look rather than a business look.
Can: be worn without a tie.


Casual Style
Is: always casual and comfortable, but never careless or untidy. The Casual Friday was introduced in many offices in the USA in the 1950s. To wind down the working week, employees are permitted to dress somewhat more casually on Fridays. Polo shirts and sneakers are permitted instead of suits.
Can: confidently omit the tie.

Cigarette trousers
Are: narrow, straight-cut trousers, usually with creases.
Can: be very classic.

Comfort fit
Is: ETERNA´s comfort fit. It is available for shirts and blouses. All those who like it chic but not restrictive will particularly appreciate this line.
Can: prove very well that feeling well and being well-dressed can harmonise very well with one another.

Is: the name for a traditional form of the tie. Originally it was used in conjunction with uniforms. In Germany, the German word for this, Langbinder, is still used today to describe the tie worn by a lawyer in court with his robe.
Can: be worn under the shirt collar to stylishly conceal the row of buttons.

Is: the name for the so-called diagonal cut of a tie. In the case of striped ties, for example, the webs are first woven normally. With the subsequent cross-cut they are then cut diagonally to size, resulting in the diagonal stripes.
Can: keep the tie better in shape thanks to the special cut and ensures that it doesnt roll up.

Is: the mixing and combination of different fashion styles, which at first sight do not go together.
Can: with the required skill create completely new, but often daring style directions

Cuff link
Is: a button used for fastening turn-down cuffs. It serves at the same time as an article of jewellery for men.
Can: serve its purpose, but can also be decorative.


Dynamic cotton
Is: a name for a special fabric used by 
ETERNA for the shirts from its Dynamic Cotton line. Fine Swiss cotton fabrics are provided with an elasticity of up to 15% for this.
Can: open up completely new and previously unknown dimensions of freedom of movement to the familiar and pleasant wearing properties of pure cotton.


Easy-care shirts
Is: the name given to shirts that are particularly durable with regard to material and form.
Can: withstand even frequent washing and drying without trouble.

ETERNA Mode GmbH, a German clothing company. ETERNA Mode GmbH has decisively shaped the shirt market in Germany with a product range whose quality is unique. The shirt and blouse manufacturer achieved the breakthrough with the non-iron EXCELLENT range, which started in 1981.
A dominant competitive position has been created, which has firmly established the brand both nationally and internationally. The head office is in Passau in Bavaria.
Can: provide for a stylish, timeless and classic-modern look with its products.

Evening dress
Is: particularly formal clothing that differs from business outfits and the leisure look by elegant, special characteristics of material and fit.
Can: be worn for special occasions in the evening.


Is: a classic tie knot. It goes with all ties, collars and looks. The four-in-hand always has a rather elongated shape, whose precise dimensions are determined by the width of the tie in the central region.
Can: be described as a simple knot. If tied perfectly, it provides the final touch to a look.


Is: the term for the particularly magnificent and elegant appearance of a person. Glamour refers to the make-up of a person as a whole and cannot be attached to details such as clothes or fame.
Can: raise the self-expression of a person in the public eye above the average and the everyday. Dramatic evening robes, flashy jewellery or elaborate swept-up hairdos can visually support a glamorous appearance.

Glen Urquhart check
Is: a traditional check pattern. An overcheck runs over a check pattern. Traditionally this pattern is used above all for suits and shirts
Can: also be used for ties.


Haute Couture
Is: the made-to-measure creations of large fashion companies.
Can: serve as inspiration for new trends for prêt-à-porter.


Indoor mode
Is: the term for articles of clothing that are worn exclusively at home. They must be comfortable to wear.
Can: at the same time look sporty and appealing.


Is: an important article of upper body clothing for men in western countries. The jacket can be closed at the front with buttons and has a deep-drawn collar that remotely reminds one of a shirt. There are different variants, e.g. with a single or double row of buttons, with a central back vent or with two lateral vents.
Can: be worn with a shirt and a tie either in the office or on formal occasions. In leisure time the jacket can also be combined with casual Chino trousers and a polo shirt.

Is: a pair of trousers, a skirt or a shirt made of a robust cotton material called denim. Fashion is no longer imaginable without jeans, which are continually being re-interpreted. They are available in the widest variety of fits (e.g. drainpipe, carrot) and in the most diverse washes and colours.
Can: be worn above all in leisure time. Numerous very different combinations are possible: shirt, blazer, t-shirt, pullover, blouse, high heels, sneakers etc.


Kent collar
Is: like the Kent knot a genuine classic. It is also known as the reversing flap collar and is now one of the best-selling shirt collars.
Can: be the ideal collar for nearly all tie knots.

Is: production with the help of a thread or yarn as well as two or more needles. Knitting can be done by hand and by machine. There are a wide variety of knitting patterns, e.g. plaid pattern. Knitted fabrics are heavier and more transparent in comparison with woven fabrics.
Can: be very warming if, for example, a knitted pullover is made of wool.


Is: the brand label and sometimes also the washing label. It is found on ties, for example as a loop on the rear side. The name of the brand or the type of material is printed on or woven into the label, but in fact the label also serves as a practical aid to fix the narrower end of the tie.
Can: say a great deal about the quality and the image of an article of clothing.


Made-to-measure shirt
Is: either the pure made-to-measure shirt, which is measured by hand, or measured by computer using a 3-D scanning method. In addition there is also the possibility in the case of prefabricated shirts to specify the collar and sleeve length. The sleeve length is measured starting from the middle of the spine across the shoulder and down the arm to the hand. The sleeve may not be too short; the collar should protrude a little out of the jacket sleeve.
Can: be manufactured for important, official occasions so that one has a unique article and stands out from the crowd.

Maritime style
Is: a fashion direction that orientates itself to functional water sport clothing in terms of colour traditionally white and dark blue – and designs and partly also in terms of the materials.
Can: look very chic and is preferably combined with a hat.

Is: French and means a thousand flowers. An all-over pattern with densely scattered little flowers.
Can: be an absolute eye-catcher in the spring/summer, particularly on blouses or dresses.

Modern fit
Is: the 
ETERNA line for all who want to interpret the classic look somewhat more fashionably. This slim fit is available both for women's blouses and men´s shirts.
Can: make the look of classic and respectable outfits more modern in an unobtrusive way.


Is: a property that only selected textiles have. The creases fall out of the articles of clothing automatically when drying without ironing.
Can: save a great deal of time and protect against unpleasant situations.


Oeko-Tex standard
Is: the highest ecological quality seal for textiles and clothing. Textiles bearing the label verifiably fall below the specified limit values for certain health-endangering pollutants. Since 2000 
ETERNA is the world´s first and only shirt and blouse manufacturer to be certified with the coveted Oeko-Text Standard 100 plus.
Can: indicate by means of the quality seal that this article of clothing has been proven to be harmless to health.

Office shirt
Is: usually a short-sleeved shirt. As the name suggests, it is intended for a casual city or office look.
Can: be worn to dinner with friends at the Italian restaurant around the corner or to casual celebrations in summer. However, be careful in the conservative business environment: long sleeves are preferred here. You are therefore advised against wearing the short-sleeved office shirt in this area.

Is: English and simply means clothing or clothes. It refers to all materials that protect the human body against nakedness.
Can: be designed individually, but may also serve as a sign of belonging, e.g. on solemn occasions, at a funeral, at work (uniform, lab coat, etc.) or also to protect against the weather (cold, rain, etc.).

Is: a strong, colourful cotton fabric with a lattice pattern. It was named after the English city of Oxford. Oxford is also a familiar term in conjunction with shoes: it is a classic men’s shoe and is considered to be the most elegant men’s shoe of all.
Can: be worn as a shoe model on both official and formal occasions. The Oxford goes with suits and with evening wear such as dinner jackets.


Pin stripes
Is: a classic pattern in which the warp threads of a different colour are worked into a basic fabric, where they appear as needle-fine longitudinal stripes. Predominantly light-coloured warp threads are used in a dark basic fabric, usually of a dark grey or dark blue colour.
Can: stretch the figure, making it slim, and is considered in international business to be almost uniform men's clothing.

Is: one of the many predecessors of the today's tie and developed around 1860 out of several cravat knots placed one on top of the other. The plastron, which resembles a neck scarf, was and is worn with the cutaway or frock coat. Nowadays the plastron is almost exclusively to be found in equestrian sport.
Can: also be worn by the bridegroom as part of traditional, elegant dress.

Polo shirt
Is: a shirt in slip-on form with a short row of buttons. Polo shirts come in a variety of versions, colours and materials.
Can: be worn on all sporting occasions, but can also replace a shirt if dress doesn't need to be too chic.


Retro trend
Is: the term for a fashion trend that revolves around backward-orientated fashion. ‘Retro can refer to a great many things in fashion: accessoires, haircuts, patterns, dress lengths. It refers to any style that has already been a trend at some time in the past. However, a past epoch is not simply copied, but interpreted in a contemporary manner.
Can: be combined with new trends.


Semi-stiff collar:
Is: the article of clothing that gave the established fashion company ETERNA its name. The founders of the company, the Hönigsberg brothers, gave their invention made of patented double material the brand name ETERNA’ (Latin for eternal). For the first time collars and shirts no longer had to be buttoned together. Can: be a fashion must for a man. The semi-stiff collar can be found in almost all looks: from the business look to evening dress.

Shark collar
Is: a fashionable high collar with a wide spread (up to an angle of 160°), often provided with stiffeners.
Can: be combined particularly well with large tie knots.

Is: an article of clothing with neck and arm openings, which are available in different lengths and with various shapes of sleeves, necklines and collars.
Can: also be worn by women. In the correct combination a shirt on a woman looks very fashionable and trend-conscious.

Is: a short-sleeved casual top, usually made of jersey material with a round neck. The term is applied today to shirts with the most diverse neck and sleeve variations. For example, there are long-sleeved shirts or one of the best-known variants with half-length sleeves, the t-shirt.
Can: be worn anytime and anywhere in leisure time and can be combined with anything.

Is: a fine, natural textile fibre and originally comes from China. Owing to its particularly fine, smooth fibre structure, silk is smooth and soft. Of all textile fibres, silk has the best skin compatibility due to its protein structure. Typical fabrics produced by the further processing of silk are chiffon, satin and taffeta.
Can: make outfit more elegant and increase their value. Silk can have a cooling effect in summer.

Slim fit
Is: the figure-hugging slim fit from the latest ETERNA shirt line. Due to the slim fit, these very fashionable shirts are particularly suitable for young, trend-conscious wearers.
Can: spice up any outfit and emphasis the fashion consciousness of a person in a tasteful and unobtrusive manner.

Is: literally clothing for the street. A term that describes the image of the word more appropriately, however, is urban streetwear, i.e. street clothes for the city.
Can: be interpreted very casually, individually and in a trend-conscious manner. Mostly a sporting influence can be recognised: baseball caps, skater shoes or hooded sweaters are important streetwear elements.

Swiss cotton
Is: a high-quality, non-iron cotton fabric from Switzerland that is manufactured exclusively for ETERNA. This absolute top-class fabric among materials is used for branded shirts and blouses.
Can: convince through its excellent quality and high wearing comfort.


Tab collar
Is: a genuine classic with its typical narrow spread and lends anyone wearing a suit a stylish note. It is always worn with a tie.
Can: hold the soft ends of the collar together under the matching narrow tie knot with a press stud closure.

Tailcoat suit
Is: the king of the evening suits. The principal item of the tailcoat suit is the tailcoat. It is black and ends at the rear in one or two swallowtails.
Can: be worn with a bow tie of white cotton Piquée.

Is: An elongated piece of material which, tied around the neck with a tie knot, is worn with a shirt. The tie originally developed from the bow tie by cutting its ends longer and longer until the present-day cravat was reached. It is usually worn under the shirt collar and conceals the row of buttons on the chest.
Can: be fixed in place with a tie pin or a tie clip.

Tie-waist blouse
Is: a blouse or a shirt with sash-shaped tailored parts. These are crossed over one another, wrapped around the waist and tied firmly. This look can also be achieved by front and back parts that cross over and are buttoned.
Can: form a lovely silhouette and emphasise or hide certain areas/parts of the body.

Trend fashion
Is: a fashionable, completely new direction. This fashion corresponds temporarily to the taste of the times. Trends are observable. Fashion innovations are often seen first on the catwalks of well-known fashion creators, before becoming available in the shops everywhere in a form suitable for everyday use. Those who introduce new trends are called trendsetters in the world of fashion.
Can: quickly look embarrassing in the wrong combination. The style rule here is: less is often more!

Is: a two-piece set of pullover and cardigan made from the same yarn and in the same colour.
Can: look femininely elegantly and at the same time sporty and casually.

Turn-down collar
Is: a generic term and includes all typical kinds of collar, such as the shark collar, the cutaway collar or the Kent collar. The straight, pointed collar ends are typical of the broad turndown collar.
Can: be used without restriction with all business shirts.


Used look
Is: the term given to visual effects aimed at making leisure clothing look as if it had already been used when purchased. Special washes or the use of chemicals lend the materials their used look. Above all jeans often have a used look.
Can: only be worn in leisure time. A person can quickly appear badly dressed if the used look shows up too much in their clothes or if wrongly combined. It is better to combine only one item in a used look with the rest of the outfit.


Vichy check
Is: a material pattern for shirts consisting of stripes of an equal width that cross over to form checks. It is darker at the intersections than the stripes. It is usually placed on a light-coloured background. Usually it is blue or red on a white base.
Can: make a good leisure outfit in combination with jeans in which one can feel really well.

Vintage look
Is: clothing that originates from the period from the 1920s to the1990s. However, new clothes that absorb particularly typical features of a past epoch get a vintage touch and are therefore often designated as such. Characteristic patterns, colours, fits and materials from a past era that were once fashionable are meant here.
Can: be combined with new current trends, giving an outfit a very special, individual look.


Wing collar
Is: the representative of all kinds of collar and reserved exclusively for special occasions. With its extremely short shanks the wing collar has a very elegant appearance. This noble collar is found today almost exclusively in shirts that are worn with dinner jackets or tailcoats.
Can: not be combined with a tie. The bow tie, however, is a must with a wing collar.


Is: the designation for a wasp waist with broadly flowing skirts and narrow tops, which resemble in their overall look the form of the letter X. This silhouette was fashionable in particularly in the 1950s.
Can: particularly emphasise a lady´s waist and her feminine shape.